About Us

H&H Body Shop, family owned and operated, has been in serving customers since 1960. They have continued to provide their customers with the same full-line of body repair and mechanical work. H & H Body Shop is a licensed body shop and has contracted-maintainance for The University of Tennessee and The City of Knoxville.

Car Maintenance Tips
  • Steps To Take If You’ve Been In A Car Collision

    Although it isn’t any drivers favorite topic, eventually most drivers will experience the inconvenience and chaos of a collision. One minute your belting out the lyrics of your favorite song and… BAM!, you’re involved in a wreck. But don’t fear, being prepared with the proper steps immediately after a collision will help to ensure your… Continue reading →

  • CHS honors H&H Body Shop

    H&H Body Shop was honored to be chosen and presented at the Clinton High School basketball game as “Friends of the Program” by the CHS athletic department. H&H Body Shop has provided their customers with a full line of body repair and mechanical work since 1960 and has proudly supported CHS athletics for 54 years. Continue reading →