Exciting Announcement

H&H Body Shop is proud to announce that we are now a PPG Platinum Paint Refinisher and will be working closely with Rodney Holbrook of Single Source Inc. as our supplier to make the most high-tech facility in the area for auto painting and repair.

We welcome working with Rodney, and our relationship extends way back with the Holbrook family as his father was a well respected car dealer in the community. In the early 1960’s, Mr. Holbrook and Jack Hutchins, founder of H&H Body Shop started their businesses separately around the same time and worked together for years.

H&H is excited to be able to offer PPG Refinish products to our customers. Your car is your second most expensive investment and we take pride in treating it as our own, using only the finest in paint refinishing products from PPG.

CHS honors H&H Body Shop

Photo by Clinton Courier News

Photo by Clinton Courier News

H&H Body Shop was honored to be chosen and presented at the Clinton High School basketball game as “Friends of the Program” by the CHS athletic department. H&H Body Shop has provided their customers with a full line of body repair and mechanical work since 1960 and has proudly supported CHS athletics for 54 years.

Welcome Bryan Roach as Body Shop Manager

Bryan Roach

Bryan Roach

H&H Body Shop welcomes Bryan Roach as Body Shop Manager. Bryan joins H&H after working as Body Shop Manager at Burgin Dodge in Knoxville for 18 years, and at Reeder’s Chevrolet for 5 years.

H&H has been serving our community and surrounding area with professional, quality service for over 50 years and we look forward to adding Bryan’s expertise to our customers. Barry Hutchins and Darla Bayless are the on-site owners. Give us a call at 457-9734 or drop by for a free estimate. We’d love to help make your car its best!

Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Warm breezes, flowers sprouting from the sleepy ground and an urge to flip on the AC as the sun heats up the car’s interior can only mean one thing. SPRING! Whether you love the warmth or crave colder temps, it’s time to wash that layer of salty grime off your trusty ride and give it a good inspection. Below is a checklist by ASE (National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence) to help ensure your vehicle is ready to take on any adventure you dream as the temperatures begin to soar.

• Check the owner’s manual for it’s recommended service schedule.

• Have hard starts, rough idling, stalling, etc. checked before the hot weather sets in.

• Flush and refill the cooling system (radiator) according to owners manual instructions. The level, condition and concentration of the coolant should be checked periodically.

• If you are not a do-it-yourselfer, have your vehicle checked by a repair facility with ASE-certified automotive technicians.

• The tightness and condition of belts, clamps and hoses should be checked by a qualified technician.

• Have a marginally operating air conditioner system serviced by a qualified technician to reduce the likelihood of more costly repairs.

• Change the oil and oil filter as specified in the owner’s manual. (Properly dispose of used oil.)

• Replace other filters (oil, fuel, PCV, etc.) as recommended.

• Check the condition of tires, including the spare. Always check tire pressure when tires are cold.

• Inspect all lights and bulbs; replace burned out bulbs.

• Replace worn wiper blades and keep plenty of wiper solvent on hand to combat summer’s dust and insects.