Exciting Announcement

H&H Body Shop is proud to announce that we are now a PPG Platinum Paint Refinisher and will be working closely with Rodney Holbrook of Single Source Inc. as our supplier to make the most high-tech facility in the area for auto painting and repair.

We welcome working with Rodney, and our relationship extends way back with the Holbrook family as his father was a well respected car dealer in the community. In the early 1960’s, Mr. Holbrook and Jack Hutchins, founder of H&H Body Shop started their businesses separately around the same time and worked together for years.

H&H is excited to be able to offer PPG Refinish products to our customers. Your car is your second most expensive investment and we take pride in treating it as our own, using only the finest in paint refinishing products from PPG.

Rhino is back in East Tennessee!

UnknownH&H Body Shop is in the process of installing the equipment needed and becoming trained to offer Rhino Linings! Our hybrid equipment will allow for protective linings to be sprayed not only on truck beds, but boats, industrial equipment and more! Rhino’s coatings are backed by a nationwide warranty program and are the consumer rated #1 spray-on truck bed liner brand. H&H will have this service available by end of October.